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#adminLogged setting for zeus owner does not work on dedicated server
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As of 1.32 setting the owner of a Zeus module running on a dedicated server to '#adminLogged' no longer gives admins access to Zeus. It works fine on local SP and Multiplayer servers, but not on dedicated. {F24969}


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new mission
  2. Place a player unit down
  3. Place a zeus 'Game Master' module
  4. In the zeus module set the 'owner' to '#adminLogged'
  5. Save the map and upload to a dedicated server
  6. Connect to the server and login as admin using the '#login XXX' command
  7. Spawn into the map and press 'Y'

Pressing 'Y' does nothing. It should open the zeus interface.

Additional Information

It seems to work fine when you specifically name the unit placed in (2) and set that to the owner in (4) (e.g. name the unit 'zeus' and set that to the 'owner' line in (4)).

Attached an example mission that has a non working and working slot.

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Yes this is a result of the serverCommandAvailable command changing in the latest release: direct relation to

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Thanks a lot for your answer, but please respond to the following:

Is this a Bug or a change?
Will this work again in future updates or not?
If not, what needs to be done to make the Zeus module available the same way as it was before? (using #loggedAdmin, logging in and pressing Z)

Fixed again in Steam Dev rev. 127800 and higher.

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Thanks a lot.

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