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new helicopter crash sound is very unrealistic
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The newly introduced sound for a crashing helo is very unrealistic and does not fit in this situation.
For a simple collision between your main rotor and a wall or something like that the sample is too short and for a crash of a complete helicoter it's very unrealistic. For the last case the old explosion sound has defintately fit better.


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Place a Hummingbird in the editor.
Then strat it and crash somewhere

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Edit: they are working on sounds, and you may notice a massive enhancement difference after the heli DLC.

Yes I know but right now it sounds unrealistic and I wanted them to know.

Probably, we will not see massive enhancement in sounds because heli DLC will be published in 20 days.

True, the short amount of time isn't work putting in effort to change the sounds when new ones will be here so soon.

Yeah I see your point but why should they change the sounds so short before the will be replaced anyhow? Either they want to try out the new samples before they are an official Part of their DLC or they want to keep them for the new Sound model. But however they need Feedback for this so they can see how the new sounds work. And even if I am totally wrong it can't be bad for them to know what the community thinks about their recent changes.

I hope they have volume sliders on helicopter sounds - to help with hearing TeamSpeak or in-game voice comms.

To be honest, I found the old sound (which was way too loud and sounded like a unfinished sound loop) much more horrible and am happy for the change!


  1. Helicopter blows up.
  2. Helicopter in fire.
  3. You don't hear any explosion sound or sound of fire.
  4. You hear only engine failure sound.
  5. Engine failure sound plays twice in xH-9 crash.