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Publisher fails to update Steam Workshop entry
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Publisher doesn't update certain projects on SW. This happens on multiple ways.

  • The progress bar in Publisher starts and finishes (green bar appears), but the update file iself doesn't "arrive" in Steam. A new changelog is created and description and tags are updated (in other words: everything), but the file itself is NOT.
  • The progress bar in Publisher starts, uploads and finishes red ("failed")
  • The progress bar in Publisher directly jumps to red ("failed")

As said, this happens only with certain projects on Steam Workshop (mine is an older one - first uploaded on 21st August). I created a new one and after some fails it updates. But the old (and important one) does not. {F24898} {F24899} {F24900} {F24901} {F24902} {F24903} {F24904}


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Try to update an (old) entry on Steam Workshop?

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I tried reinstalling the tools, I tried checking the file integrity, I tried to rename the .PBO, I tried it with bruteforce (repeated update). No luck.

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Good luck, Undeceived - I hope you get a fix - I've upvoted +1.

Hi, sorry to hear that. Could you please share with us names of addons that fail to update? Thank you.

Hi Wizard, the name of the addon (resp. SP campaign in addon form) is Dying Ember.

Here's the Steam Workshop page (still with the old version, which has only 18 MB, instead of 33 MB (new version)):

The new file (addon) is downloadable here:

Other than that I refer to kibot's post in this thread - he has the same problem and describes it very well too (including the feelings :D ):

could you please try it again, let it fail and then upload archive with logs from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs\


  C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Publisher\Logs\arma3publisher.rpt

Thank you.

Hi Wizard, I uploaded the logs above.

Just a small addition:
This time it didn't fail to update. But as many times before, it also didn't update the file itself. It still is the same on the Steam Workshop: 18 MB, instead of 33 MB.
Logs uploaded above ->

Then I renamed the file and tried it again - now it failed.
Uploaded the log dumps (

It still doesn't work in the last update... :(

Either the statusbar in Publisher quickly gets to "Failed" or "Successful". The file itself remains the same (18 MB)

I added the .rpt's for both cases above. I don't see a difference in them, but ok, I'm sure you will. :D

But I think I know now how to make it fail and succeed:
If I name the addon file und_dyingember.pbo, it will succeed, if I name it differently, it will fail.
Interestingly I think that the actual version (the 18 MB one) also has the name und_dyingember.

I also added two pictures above:
One, if you launch Publisher via Steam (in Steam, start the Tools and from the menu, which tool you want to start, chose Publisher).
And the other pictures shows Publisher, when started from the Arma 3 Tools menu.

If I launch Publisher from the Arma 3 Tools menu, my project appears in the list (Dying Ember (SP resistance campaign). However, my Steam could storage space is wrong. I ONLY have the 18 MB campaign on Steam (check the picture from the Arma 3 Tools Properties above), so 799 MB are definitely not the case. The thing is just that this space doesn't change anymore, no matter if the "update" succeeded or not. This was different earlier: When I began this update odyssey, it still changed - with every update try it got less and less, but at one point it stayed at 799 MB and didn't change anymore.

If I launch Publisher from the Steam menu, the tool seems to get the right a storage space which is closer to reality. However, 935 MB are still too less (considering that we have 1000 MB and the only file I have online is 18 MB). Maybe the storage got "pumped up" with the updates tries, I don't know...

Apart from that, if I launch Publisher from the Steam menu, my project won't appear in the list.

So all in all: Why is there such a difference in Publisher, starting from the Steam menu or from the Arma 3 tools?

I don't know if these observations help you, but I'm quite desperate here, facing the deadline of the MANW contest and not being able to promote my project via the workshop.

I now deinstalled Steam completely, reinstalled and redownloaded the Tools.

When I opened Publisher, well, the storage space seemed to be the right one (it wasn't 799 MB at least).

Full of hope I tried to update AND...... :( nothing. The progress bar quickly jumped to "Update successful" and nothing changed.

I mean... It doesn't even upload anything! Earlier the progress bar at least stopped at the middle for a while, indicating that an upload was in progress, but now it finishes after 3 seconds, either to "Successful" or "Failed" (I tested it renaming the file again, and it failed).

And after these fails, when I opened Publisher again, the storage space was at 799 MB again.


we have tracked the problem with uploading back to the Steam service and unfortunately our options there are quite limited. We've analyzed logs from the Steam and they tell us that upload either succeeded (it claims that files are in sync) or timeouted (that would be the failure).

Ad running the Publisher from Steam menu: When running Publisher from Steam menu it runs in context of "Arma 3 Tools" instead of "Arma 3" as it should. I recommend you to start Publisher through Arma 3 Tools application (Also you have to check "Arma 3" properties instead of "Arma 3 Tools" properties for used/available storage space to see space used by Publisher and further Steam gives you only 1 000 000 000 bytes of storage (~ 953 MB), not 1000 MB).

Hi Wizard, does that mean that there's no way to update my entry? What else can you do or suggest?


hi, sorry for your troubles. unfortunately we're still unable to reproduce the issue. Our QA is testing this every day (using your pbo) but it's ok every try. it really seems there's an issue on steam releated directly to your specific conditions. we'll keep you updated if anything new arise

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Any updates on this issue? Lately, I ran into the very same problem.

Hi, whats the name of the item you're trying to update. It's a inconsistency in Steam backend DB. Fortunately Valve is able to fix it per item.