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GPS should not be able to display entire map
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I don't know If this is intended or not - but when you have GPS you can even open map (M) even though you don't have map item. What is point of having map If you can have just GPS which does both things? So please remove the ability to look on full map If you don't have normal map.


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Steps To Reproduce

1..Create a soldier (From now on reffered to as p1)
2..Remove map from p1's inventory
3..Add GPS to p1's inventory
4..Run the game as that p1
5..Now you are able to open map without even having map item

Additional Information

GPS should be only able to navigate and shouldn't give you ability to watch entire map!
And If this is intended, is there any ability to make player see only things around him on small minimap without ability to see entire map? Thanks.

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I see no issue here. There is a lot of GPS navigations on the market which can display a bigger part of the map (not only close surroundings) or basically the entire map stored in it. There is no reason to think, that a navigation used by Army (in 2035, but I am pretty sure they can do it already now) can't do this as well. Marking as not a bug.

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