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AH-99 Blackfoot Attack Version
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We would love to see an Attack Version of the AH-99 Blackfoot, an heavier version with EXTERNAL PYLONS, we already posted here in the BIS Forum and we are discussing about it, we are receiving a pretty positive feedback.

Having 2 variants would be a good solution: [^]

  1. Attack AT variant with stub wings - armed with some 8x AG missiles + DAGR rockets
  1. LongBow variant - almost same system as AH64D LongBow , armed with long range missiles (in this variant should be able to cooperate with UAV or similiar to laser targets and helicopter will launch the missile - same thing as in Operation Arrowhead) [^] [^]


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Shields added a subscriber: Shields.May 7 2016, 7:30 PM

Totally agreed, it needs more firepower. Those HE rockets are like rubber against tanks.

@Shields, no they are not like rubber against tanks. And that's the whole issue.

The DAGR (Direct Attack Guided Rocket) is a system developed by Lockheed Martin. It is a low-cost, SALH (Semi Active Laser Homing) kit that converts a regular unguided 2.75"/70mm Hydra 70 rocket into a laser-guided munition.

This means that these missiles are no more powerful than a Hydra rocket can get. The M247 warhead for the Hydra 70 is a 4kg HEAT charge. A 3 inch HEAT round would most likely cripple an MRAP or do moderate damage to an APC. But in Arma 3, the DAGR has no trouble killing a full-blown MBT in one single round. This is a huge problem, because the AH-99 carries 24 of them. 24 is a lot of MBTs to be able to kill.

one half of these insanely overpowered HEAT hydras should be swapped for Flechette Anti-Tank rounds, which would airburst and cause damage over a small area instead of requiring a direct hit, and trade the other half for the DAGR variant of the typical M151 HEDP round.

EDIT: I've just learned that DAGRs only carry the M151 10lb HEDP warhead which makes this issue even more infuriating. Although it would not be unreasonable to see these alternate options for warheads in the near future.

I just tested how the DAGR works and personlly (probably because I'm using REAL ARMOR MOD) I took down a T-100 with 6-7 shots, if it is like this then I think that 8 agms will fill the empty AT purpose of the Blackfoot...

@the_Demongod, i like your research and all but it takes 5 DAGR's to blow up a T-100 from the rear position. No modifications activated.

Peter added a subscriber: Peter.May 7 2016, 7:30 PM

Strange, I have had no trouble in killing the T-100 with a single DAGR. Perhaps the penetrative ability is affected by the range and angle of the shot? My tests were done from 100m away and at an altitude of 5m (resulting in a very flat slant, an almost direct shot into the rear of the tank). It was also against an empty tank, although that shouldn't matter. I will conduct further tests today and write back.

Peter added a comment.Sep 29 2014, 8:20 PM

I will do tests tomorrow on the main branch and see whats going on also. Anyways the discussion seems right to me and common sense is that those rockets(if what it said is true) are OP.

After further testing I have discovered that at longer ranges it does indeed take multiple rockets to kill, but it is still inexcusable for HEDP rockets to be killing heavy armor.

That is why we need additional AGM missiles for this!

I don't understand what does the "acknowledged" mean?

It basically means that they are tracking your ticket, and they will pay attention to how it progresses in terms of updates to the rocket, comments, etc. It doesn't mean anything is promised though - it could mean, "hey, this sounds interesting, let's listen in and see how it develops," it could also mean "we see that you've written something but we don't want to make any promises that anything will happen."

yeah I could imagine, let's hope they do something for this...

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 7:30 PM

Upvoted - totally agree. Would hope it would be a minor chage to the original model but would add so much


AH-99 can score 24 main battle tank mission kills* without needing to re-arm. DAGR should be equivalent power of DAR at best, not ATGM HE-ATs.


Put crewed MBT T-100 on island.

Put AH-99 4-5km from the MBT. Climb to altitude to gain line of sight on the MBT. Gain lock. Fire DAGR. Crew will dismount and a mission kill is scored. Repeat 24 times.

Solving this issue can be done with a 2nd variant of the AH-99 with the pylons some want, then nerf the DAGR down to realistic effectiveness.

mission kill (plural mission kills)

(military, slang) An attack or damage inflicted by a weapon that does not destroy a military vehicle but results in it taking no further part in its intended mission.

Daisai added a subscriber: Daisai.May 7 2016, 7:30 PM

This helicopter is based on the Comanche ( which is canceled ) and this was designed to be a recon helicopter , not a attack helicopter.
Adding wings to this would just be stupid and not really in line with the realism that Arma 3 is trying to achieve.

So i would rather want to see the Apache in this game to do the role of attack helicopter.