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"MAPI Error, email not sent" when exporting to multiplayer missions
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When attempting to export a mission to multiplayer (via save as > export to multiplayer missions), I was alt-tabbed and received a message saying "no email has been connected to arma 3" (or something along those lines), and upon returning to the game the error in the title was displayed in a dialog.

It would seem that the export to multiplayer function also tried to emulate the "send by email" fuction.


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I see that too, and for me it actually opens my E-Mail client, just like Send by Email.

should be already fixed on Steam Dev rev. 127383, could you please confirm?

Hm, it still happens for me, has my game not yet updated yet? I have autoupdates on but I still get this issue. Where can I find my game version

Yes, confirmed fixed.

Game updated properly. Confirmed fixed.

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