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Arma 3 crashes when I click multiplayer
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When ever I click multiplayer the god dam game crashes/freezes. I've posted a discussion on steam and a lot of players say that they have the same bug and been searching for a fix for weeks now... I just bought my game a day ago and so far not a pleasant start to the game.
NOW I can connect to multiplayer games IF I click the "join session" on my steam friends. So basically I have to wait until 6pm before my friends get back from work to play the game...


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as a work around you can add startup parameters via steam to connect directly to a server. you just have to add "-connect=" you have to replace by the ip of the server you want to play on. if you want to get further information just follow this link

i also got a possible fix for you: just check for file integrity via steam

do you have a Killer Network card?

Yes I do. Do you think that is causing the problem.

Yes, please update your drivers for the card, the problem should disappear.

Yeah that's a problem because when I try to update them on Windows it says they are updated and when I try to update them on the software from the website it keeps on saying I need to uninstall it first but when I uninstall then try to run the software it says that I need to have the Killer network card software installed to update it...

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