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Mysterious crashes since last update
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Since the last ArmA 3 update me and some guys of my clan are experiencing game freezes (ArmA3.exe has stopped working). We're playing with mods but the errors appear so frequently and in any type of gameplay and completely different situations that we don't think it has anything to do with mods. Crashes appear on game launch, on going back to server missions, randomly during a mission, we can't see any pattern.
I'll attach 2 crash files to this post, all mine.

I hope this error get's fixed in the next patch. For many of my clan, it is game breaking. {F24828} {F24829}


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In BIKI a saw the ability to send crash files by Windows Error Reporting but I saw no documentation at all how to do this. I'd more likely send my crash files to you guys on this way so maybe it could be explained somewhere.

could you please send the whole crashdump files? (crashdump is rpt + bidmp + mdmp file with same name).
Also, did you manage to reproduce the problem without any mods enabled?

Sadly, I'm not able to get them anymore. I'll assume this ticket can be closed then.
I was not able to reproduce freezes without mods, but this is also impossible because we only play with mods. But as I said: The freezes apperaed so randonmly and in completely different situations.

One question: What about the Windows Error Reporting? I'd assume this is far more easy for you BIS guys to handle... Would be nice to hear some information about this.

As I had no carshes since looong time ago, this ticket can be closed completely.

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