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PIP has too low range and contrast
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I want a plane i'm modding to have FLIR for navigation, the problem however is that the range is too low to be of any help.
Right now it is of no use on a jet, even though it would be a nice addition.
Also, natural features like hills or trees have nowhere near enough contrast, thermal PIP is basically blind to any such feature, while the majority of buildings,roads and vehicles seem fine (i could track a jet at night with no ambient light and decent precision).
Maybe we should be given more control over it or there should be an exception specific for air vehicles like helicopters or jets to draw terrain and objects much further away than ground vehicles to allow proper use.


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Range and contrast are still too low, PiP just works for eye candy in very limited situations.

Still an issue, PiP is there just for eye candy for now as it's useless for anything else.

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PIP distance is linked with video setting. A PIP sets to very high or ultra is necessary to obtain something exploitable. But the price to pay is a loss of FPS.

Even with the highest settings available thermal PIP is useless.
Also the contrast is so low you can't dinstinguish anything unless it's either a vehicle with engine turned on, the sky, or the sea. Anything else has so little detail it's just a grey patch in the PiP monitor.

This is still an issue, thermal images of the terrain appear just as an ugly grey blob.

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It is not pleasant to me as it looks. I think PIP will not influence FPS more, or considerably to lower it. On the card there are many places in which there are more than objects for a qualitative portrayal. Small PIP will show very small site from the general plan.
Did not see desire it to test.

Uhm i didn't quite understand your post.
Anyway the draw distance on the PIP is ridiculously low still.

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