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Different fall animations too eager to trigger and trigger in inappropriate circumstances
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Currently, I believe the fall animations trigger due to the wrong circumstances and way too rapidly.
There are two animations and which plays depends on the ASL (or ATL?) height, let's call them "edge drop" (Weapon ready, legs dangling) and "skydiving freefall" (legs and arms spread, belly facing the ground).

Wrong circumstances:

By wrong circumstances I mean that the "skydiving freefall" animation triggering even in situations where "edge drop" would be way more appropriate.

An example of this is if you have a structure high in the air and you drop from a higher floor of that building to the lower floor. When that building is on the ground or low altitude, the "edge drop" will play, but if that building is high in the air and the player does the same, the "skydiving freefall" will play, even tho the drop distance was the same.

A recommended fix for this would be to actually check the vertical distance between the unit and the nearest collider below the unit on a frame instead of purely altitude. This will result in "edge drop" still being able to play and "skydiving freefall" triggering the moment actual distance between the player and the ground is high.

Eager triggering:

By eager triggering I mean that the both kinds of animations will trigger (seemingly) even if the footing was lost for a single frame. Various model issues or modeling decisions will lead to this and the gameplay on such objects, suspended in the air or otherwise, is rendered useless.

An example of this is if a unit puts it's back towards the railings of the green watch towers on the stairs, the unit will start to "edge drop" even if they lost no altitude and continue to have stable footing. This results in players seeming to be stuck in walls "edge drop"-ing until they rotate. This also happen when you push your back towards a lot of objects if you do not stand on the ground (Video by Danczer demonstrating this:

Second example of this is objects suspended high in the air that have roadway LODs with minor gaps or high inclines. On such surfaces it is possible to lose footing for a frame or a few and this will then result in the unit being stuck in the "skydiving freefall" state.

A recommended fix for this is to log the last time the unit had stable footing (a timestamp that updates if the unit is considered to have stable footing in the frame) and compare it against the current frame time. I'm assuming that even a conservative delay will alleviate the problem mentioned above. {F24788} {F24789} {F24790} {F24791}


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Wrong circumstances example repro: Play "wrong_circumstances.vr"
Eager triggering examples repro: Play "eager_triggering.vr"

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This is what we are struggling too with our mod and tall buildings. The freefall seems to trigger around 100-150 meters above ground level. I logged in to issue tracker on the matter but you had beat me to it

It can be circumvented but I wonder if such a check height script is efficient enough and truly necessary.

By testing character can walk up to any height on tilted surface, but spawning on a tall building or disembarking from vehicle, ie. a car/helicopter that is on a roof of a tall building sets you to fall.

Good call on the exiting the vehicles, It's a great situation to illustrate the severity/annoyance of the problem. I've added another simple repro mission that demonstrates it.

Excellent. I think also if a platform (ie. a lift) is rised too high characters start to fall on them. Might actually be a spot for another ticket, but I think it is at least related to same problem with height/geometry/collision system.

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BIS, please fix this very annoying problem, problem which Arma 2 lack of!

Another important not to add to this problem, regarding the "edge drop" animation, when getting caught in that, if you somehow manage to make it out of that animation, 80% of the time you may end up dead just because of transitioning from that animation, back to being on your feet. This may be because it registers as a long drop or fall. This is a huge problem, and has caused probably more deaths than jet kills in this game. I can't tell you how many times me or a teammate died from doing the edge drop off of the slightest drop, and died from it.