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Reloading and inventory management broken in multiplayer
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Something is still wrong with magazines in the inventory and reloading in DEV branch. The issue is present at least since August 30th when I first noticed it, and still in version EXE rev. 127101 and EXE rev. 127127 on September 9th and 10th.

After getting a new weapon from a box or picking up ammunition the magazines you pick up will just vanish. Most times the gun will bug afterwards and pressing R to reload doesn't play an animation and just deletes a mag from your inventory.

Video of it happening: {F24778}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • pick up a gun from a crate
  • get ammunition from ammo box
  • repeat until bug appears
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It works fine in singleplayer, always reproducible on a dedicated. No problems alone as host for me on a listen server, but according to 2nd Ranger it happens there, too. See

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this should be fixed in rev. 127135 and higher.

Everything seems fine now.

Another smaller issue, maybe still related, popped up: It's not possible to pick up magazines and grenades from the uniform, vest or backpack of dead bodies. I have to drag them all to the ground first, before picking them up works.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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