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getPosATL returns [xCoord, 0, 0]
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Using getposatl to get the exact co-ordinates of a building is broken in the latest dev release. It always returns 0 for the y co-ordinate.


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hint format ["ASL:%1 ATL:%2",getposasl nearestbuilding player,getposatl nearestbuilding player];

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I would rate this one fairly critical, it causes any scripts that rely on building co-ordinates to fail.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 7:24 PM

Is it the getPosATL part which makes my objects disappear with the following script?

Rubbish = "Land_Garbage_square3_F" createVehicle position this; deleteVehicle this; Rubbish setdir 220; this setPosATL [getPosATL this select 0, getPosATL this select 1, 1.025];

Certainly having issues! Upvoted.

getPosATL select 1 returns 0. Your object does not disappear it is misplaced

I think so. Quick fix please? :)

@Killzone_Kid - I tried it on the player, sends you to an underwater world. Bizarre.


player setPosATL getPosATL player will send one in the ocean

player setPosATL (player modeltoworld [0,2,0]) works and will send player 2 meteres in front

This is only on Dev branch at the moment, right? I tried running one of my missions yesterday on Dev, and half my base had disappeared - or rather, had been misplaced! Yeah, quick fix would be great! Thanks.

I hope this gets labelled high-priority (I mean that politely!).

please fix! +1

My user made mission is in the ocean :(

we are working on a fix, it will hopefully be distributed tomorrow.

High priority now!

Thank you, Iceman, great news, cheers!

fixed in today's dev

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