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Download MPMissions from the Workshop to "ARMA3 Server" Tool
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By subscribing to a multiplayer mission in the Steam Workshop, the app "ARMA3 Server" is not recognized as itself and not the download.


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Steps To Reproduce

To add a Workshop MPMission to a dedicated server, the administrator must:

  1. Subscribe to the mission from your personal Steam account (with your copy of ARMA3)
  2. Download it
  3. Check your local MPMissions folder, and copy.
  4. Upload to the remote server and paste in ...\ARMA3 Server\MPMissions
Additional Information

Our dedicated server has an exclusive Steam account to update the "ARMA3 Server" tool, and should also be able to download content from the Workshop...

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This could probably best be done from the command-line while starting the server, or with the steamCMD app.

Problem is to create a steam credentials file that cannot be read by other community members that have access to our RDP.

It will be no problem for me to add another steamCMD command in our restarter-tool, that upon restart/crash, first checks for a updated workshop subscription, Or just add the required command to the startup parameter, so the server makes this check & download.

Gekon added a comment.May 11 2015, 2:35 PM

Dedicated servers were not able to download workshop content (technology limitation). The new SDK could potentially solve this. We'll hopefully look into it.

Gekon, thanks. Whatever you do, please, please add an option for the admin to rename the mission briefingName so that server admins would be able to determine their own naming formats. Having servers with multiple naming conventions makes them unusable. For example, we have hundreds of coop missions on the Comrades in Arms server, and it's essential to be able to use a single naming convention to manage so many files.