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No actual sound with Generic Radio Modules after update.
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Generic Radio Message Module Won't Work after previous patch.
You get the text as before, but the sound saying the selected radio message no longer works


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Set up as previous Generic Radio Module & Headquarters Entity Module then select a message & test for yourself.

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Previous to last major patch had sound & text all working.

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Happens with any Radio Module, it's been like that in the dev branch for a while now.

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Any ideas as to why its been disabled?
It has been working previous with no problems.

"there was a problem with all virtual sounds, it should be fixed very soon on Steam Dev," That's what one of the developers said on another ticket about this problem. That issue status is now "Feedback". 0020224 :

Was fixed in revision 127005

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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