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Disableai "move" won't allow for units rotate on the spot
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Currently DisableAi "move" blocks the unit on the spot.
It's a useful command to set up defense in buildings because the AI won't move all over the place when alerted, however the unit is just stuck in one direction.
Even if you stop almost in front of it but slightly off his current aim it will take it a lot of time to zero in on you and shoot you.
DisableAi should allow units to rotate on their axis and aim freely, or we should be provided with a new command that blocks the unit in one place but still allows it to aim.


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Just put

this disableai "move";

in the init field of any AI and watch its behavior.

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This would be great - upvoted!

I've seen this issue a few times on the feedback tracker. +1!

This is still an issue.
Is there any workaround?

That is the intended behaviour of disableAI "MOVE";

It should not be made to behave any differently, as it would defeat its purpose entirely.

Yes, this isn't a bug at all.

Use doStop in combination with enableAttack false.

Thank you, i didn't know there were specific commands for that.
I guess this can be marked as solved then?

Marking as resolved.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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