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Some player use huge bandwith 1.26 RC/ 1.28
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some player seems to have no bandwith limits.

sometime i see on network activity, some player with 1 to 4mbp/s when all other use only 0.08 to 0.30 mbps

generally i use only 12 mbps for 90 players, look great (~0.1mbps by player), but often some players use 1/2mbps :) (more than HC !)

and sometime theyre is 10/15 players like this (~ 15/50mbps in excess)

I look this player and... they did nothing.. was static .. 2mbps for a static guy !
I see, ingame, player bandwith info grow too ~ 2000. but why a static player have 2k bandwith where an moving fired player use 400/800?

i dont use VON :
disableVoN = 1;
vonCodecQuality = 0;

ex : 6players use 7.3mbps / 19mbps.

the number of "buggy bandwith" players look scales when number of player grow/server fps down (disappears when server fps > 30, = ~ 70players)

1.26 network usage compare to 1.24 (~ 100/120 players)

buggy players appears/disappears

1.28 huge increase
another 1.28

{F24687} {F24688} {F24689} {F24690} {F24691} {F24692} {F24693}


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use 1.26 RC/1.28 and wait some time

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1.24 / 1.26 rc 1 2 & 3 bandwith

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It also seems to happen with few player(50), when server have lot FPS/CPS but just when player connecting to server (then bandwith down). This look correct compared to other.

another screen :

etc.. etc..

i try to lower maxbandwith to 50mbps, server use 50 / some "Server: Network message xxxxxx is pending"
i try to lower maxbandwith to 30mbps ...server use 70 / lot "Server: Network message xxxxxx is pending"

Also the same problem, after reboot and randomly, outgoing network traffic will be very solicited.

Server configuration :
Xeon e5 1650v2
128 Gb RAM
Windows server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Server stats players :

Bandwitch usage (Daily) :

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I specify that this bug often causes a massive players drop ("client not responding" or if you set a max ping "ping too high")and flood server rpt with "network message xxx is pending"