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[LinuxDedicated] Dedicated wont load mods propper
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Adding mods to Linux is extremly hard due a strange ArmA modification implementation

a mod where the mod author took care about case sensitivity cant be loaded sometimes even if the mods are existing propper at the spot given at the -mods param

they need to be lowercase ALL THROUGH which WILL break some mods which are using #include commands without all lowercase

So please either make the arma dedicated work case insensitive or allow it to work 100% true case sensitive on linux
the current (whatever you want to call it) is just inacceptable!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. get any mod which comes with upper case + case sensitive #include commands ( example: )
  2. add it to your linux dedicated & game
  3. create a simple mission requiring that mod (by manipulating the mission.sqm for example)
  4. try to run that mission on the server
Additional Information

a workaround (CURRENTLY UNTESTED) could be to use a second HD with a case insensitive filesystem where you place ArmA at

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Yes it is really annoying, to get a mission running, I wanted to get CTF mission, Gun Game and DM running, but it is nearly not possible.

Please tell me, how I can get running on a linux server! There a tons of files with capital letters and also capital letters in that files, I can rename all the files, I tried it on Gun Game ( but I can't get it running.

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