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Add initial sight offset when using optics
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The implementation of inertia truly is splendid.
A logical addition in my opinion would be an initial aiming/ sight offset when going into "optics" mode.
Currently, whenever you enter the optics mode your sights are alligned perfectly well.
Entering the "optics" mode however either simulates lowering your head or raising your weapon slightly and your character should therefore need a brief bit to allign the sights well.


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  • Use ironsights/go into the "optics" mode by right-clicking whilst holding a rifle
  • Notice how the character perfetly aims down the sights and doesn't have to adjust

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I believe that would require having a proper animation for going into sights first. As it stands the only thing that moves when you aim down the sights is the camera, the player body doesn't move one bit however.

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This would be brilliant and could be great for gameplay.