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[urgent] packing with namespace deletes source files
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Packing p:\dbo\anyaddon

Setting to source folder as in all previous itterations using addonbuilder (not binpbo)

Your orinal folder will be deleted and only the files to be binned will be left in user local app temp
All other files like sat mask and any other foldersin your namespace will be deleted and not to rubbish bin either

Absolute nightmare and a lot of wasted hours for many ( see bi forums tools troubleshooting for morefolk with same problem)

Tried other options such as leaving folder and prefix settings to no avail


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See above

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I'm really sorry for your troubles. Issue is fixed now. Should be released next week. Sorry once again for this stupid bug.

could you update here once we know its safe please

this is todays changelog with no apparent fix

Addon Builder

    Fixed: Crash on first start, default EXE path was not set
    Fixed: On hover issues with buttons (they tried to run away)
    Fixed: Paths to EXEs were not properly initialized after fresh installation, which caused a crash


Hi, update should be done today (it went wrong yesterday). Will update you once it's done. Thx

hi, updated. Fix is there (tested my self).
Thanks for your patience

:/ Now it happens to me at the stable branch ... and It has been updated right now, cleaned the AB installation folder and verified the cache and It continuing deleting the source data.

Weird. I'm not able to reproduce. Could you please upload log file (c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Logs\AddonBuilder.rpt)?

Thanks for the log.
Issue is fixed. We'll update the developement branch today.
Will keep you up to date.

Cooper, sorry to be confusing but I've cleaned the log folder and now It works well... very very confusing, anyway the issue was fixed.

we've updated the builder around 14 so the fix is was already there when you're trying it I guess. Anyway I'm glad it works ok for you:) THX

Confirmed Fixed on Windows 8.1 64bit using

Namespace dbo
Addon source Directory
Path to project folder

N.B Not P:\dbo\ as per arma 2