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BLUFOR Pilot missing in editor.
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Since the last update the BLUFOR Pilot (B_Pilot_F) no longer appears on the list of units available in the editor.


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Open the mission editor place a single unit/vehicle select BLUFOR -> NATO -> Men there will be no Pilot option.

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If you place the A-164 Wipeout the pilot will still spawn as intened, hes also still present in CfgVehicles.

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Noticed that too since last update.

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Yeap, confirmed.

The Helicopter Pilot is still listed as "Pilot".
But I guess you mean the Jet Pilot? Yeah, noticed that too.

hotfix incoming for 1.26 I hope :)

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For now a workaround you can use is to place a rifleman and then edit the mission.sqm, replacing the unit classname "B_Soldier_F" with the classname of the pilot "B_Pilot_F".

It's a bug of GLT Mod 1.22. It's no A3 bug! I already fixed it so please wait for GLT Mod 1.23.

The issue was that B_Pilot_F had scope = 0 because of a wrong class heritage.

OK Now that's funny ... I just tested everything without any mod and the pilot is indeed invisible (scope = 1 though). It seems like Bohemia Interactive and I did the same mistake at the same time lol

upvoted for fixing

the Pilot is visible again in the Dev Build (or will be very soon).

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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