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Cannot get out of static weapons after taking control of an UAV in multiplayer
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On a dedicated environment, If a player has controled an UAV before getting inside a static, he won't be able to get out of the static anymore.

Migth be related to how AI is kept inside an UAV. {F24640}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  • download the mission
  • Start in dedicated environement
  • Deploy the UAV
  • Connect to it
  • control the pilot
  • release control
  • Get in the static.

You'll now be stuck without capacity to exit the static.

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After several tests it seems that you can be stuck in any kind of vehicules, but it is harder to reproduce.

Also when you connect to an UAV and this uav get destroyed, for the server you are still in the possision you were when you connected or where you were when the uav got destroyed.

This way you current possition is not sent back to the other player, making you invisible to them, and preventing any server script based on your position to be run correctly.

Once you enter a vehicle the server seems to update the position of the player.

slaw added a comment.Sep 8 2014, 8:22 PM

entering vehicle helps only for first time on next respawn nothing will help and you will stuck in any static weapon . It's really annoying bug as server admins think that your cheating but you really can't do much about it. Please fix this as it's very irritate

Varanon added a subscriber: Varanon.May 7 2016, 7:16 PM

This bug should have a severity of critical, because it basically makes every mission with UAVs unplayable if it also involves a vehicle or a static weapon.

the problem has been assigned and is still being worked on. Thank you for your patience and sorry for inconveniences