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This Additem & Weapon Duplication
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Like the magazine this additem and addweapon still causes duplication such as grenades or any other item whether binoculars or modded gear.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go into editor
Place a unit
Use this additem "Binocular" for example
Play a scenario with it in your inventory
Duplication ensures

Additional Information

It is identical to the recent this addmagazine duplication. Is it possible to get this as a very fast hotfix to tie in with 1.26, as it still is blocking custom scripted units.

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Is it MP problem?

Yeah, not sure about singleplayer.

I cannot reproduce the duplication in any way. Could you please attach a repro mission?

Same problem .everything duplicates now with all add**** commands in MP

Maybe all add commands become global after patch and i should use it only with ((isServer)or(isDedicated)) then {*****}; ?????

WOWOWOWOWOWO ((isServer)or(isDedicated)) then {*****}; works for gear in init. and that means that all add* now GLOBAL! if its not bug and its true its COOL!!! i always wish it NO MORE JIP duplicate!

Yeah japa probably made those global. The thing is, people should be careful using init.