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setTimeMultiplier not reset between SP missions
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A custom time multiplier set in one mission carries over into others in SP. {F24621}


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. From the attached 7z, unpack the two missions into your profile's missions directory.
  2. Load stm_repro_1.Stratis in the SP editor and press preview.
  3. Confirm that a time multiplier change (1000) is in effect and exit mission
  4. Load stm_repro_2.Stratis and press preview.
  5. Observe the time multiplier is still in effect and is confirmed by the hint.
Additional Information

(FT doesn't let me list 1.26.126789 Stable as the Product Version at this time)

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Update: also can be reproduced with a dedicated server.

It has been fixed on dev

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This can be closed as fixed.

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