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Realism slider in the settings for weapon sway and fatigue
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My gift to BIS is the ANSWER to all your "fatigue" and "weapon sway" complaints . . .

  1. Put a realism slider in the settings for fatigue. So gamers can choose how realistic/un-realistic THEY want the game to be.
  1. Put a realism slider in the settings for weapon sway. So gamers can choose what THEY want, from full effect all the way down to ZERO weapon sway.
  1. A multiplayer server host CAN automatically OVERRIDE the individual's realism settings, if the server host wants to enforce a set of "realism" rules for fatigue and weapon sway.

Boom. Problem solved.

Now I won't have to keep hearing a million people on ARMA 3 servers say, "this new fatigue system really fu@#ing sucks!". Or "God, this weapon sway blows!".

REMEMBER - PC Flight Simulation went a little too "hard core" and now the market is almost completely DEAD. But making a game more arcade-like is not the answer to the problem. Adding more OPTIONS IS the correct solution. Gamers are all different, so we need options to accommodate different types of gamers.

Be careful about listening to all the gamers who only want "more realism - more realism - more realism". That happened to flight sims, and the flight sim. market is on the verge of total extinction!

I know the "hardcore realism guys" will vote this down, but I don't care. I strongly believe that OPTIONS are the way to go if you want the ARMA franchise to survive long-term in the gaming world.


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I absolutely agree with this observation. I try not to play on servers where included fatigue. But what if I first got acquainted with Arma3? Before you invest money in it, downloading a torrent Arma3, and ..... I'm not being able to turn off fatigue, did not bind his interest in the game.
Among the mass of jobs, where most of the time you need to fight fatigue. It's not bad for realism, but not all will understand it.

I do not vote downn and not vote up/
I think only so:

Point 1) - Yes, give fatigue settings, but the ability to completely turn off - should be excluded! This is Arma, not Battlefield!
I think possible to setup separate Health slider settings. Before I suggested it:

Point 2) - Not Agree. It is possible to setup separate Skills settings, This could have an influence on the sway, but the ability to completely turn off - should be excluded!

Point 3) - Such servers exists now, without any special settings in the game. Many players use them.


No offense, but I disagree. No one will break into your home, put a knife against your throat, and force you to play ARMA 3 in single player with fatigue or weapon sway turned off.

In single player - IF you have a choice - it's just that - A choice. Your choice. My choice. In single player - everyone should have a choice.

In multiplayer, it's the game host's choice. If you play on someone else's server, then multiplayer gamers must ALL play by the game HOST’s chosen rules. If you host a server, then you set the rules.

Each person has fun their own way. What if you're letting a disabled person play ARMA 3 single player, and the fatigue or weapon sway makes the game needlessly difficult for that disabled person? Should we say “screw a disabled gamer. Disabled people suck!” ? ? ?

I'm arguing for a single player options, so that each person has free will. I'm arguing for your right to CHOOSE what YOU think is fun. But you’re arguing to destroy an option for me. You are arguing to destroy a choice that I might find fun. And I think that's a selfish view.

If the game becomes no fun for a lot of people, they will slowly stop playing ARMA 3 and it will die out, just like the flight simulation market slowly died out because of the "realism Nazi's" who constantly insisted on more realism - until most flight sims became PURE WORK, instead of entertainment.

I'm not arguing for arcade. I'm not arguing for total realism. I'm not arguing for the "middle ground". I AM arguing for options in single player, so each person can choose what they want!

Again, no one will put a gun to your head and force you to play ARMA 3 with the realism options completely turned off. And obviously, multi-player settings for EVERYONE should be set by the game host.

My way makes you and me happy, because we both get to choose our style of Single Player gameplay. But you’re way – only makes you happy. Well, I’m getting repetitive, so I’ll call it a day. That’s my 2 cents. Peace out.

Mission editors should be able to adjust the fatigue and sway system, same way we can adjust a units recoil. We can also have that merged with player's/servers option or skill setting.


My friend I understand you. But, you speak to me as if I propose to deprive the player of choice. I just don't want to turn Arma in the Battlefield or COD!
In my case in all points you will have the choice.

  1. - Separate setting HEALTH. It will be only physical health(number of forces, fatigue recovery, physical endurance and stamina at the same time).

The default setting of HEALTH ONLY can be 50%-75%, but the one who will rise above will get more physical strength.

  1. - Separate setting SKILLS. The higher the skill, the less weapons sway.
  1. - The player can now choose the such servers

How you see, in my case the player has the choice!
I just for the fact that the game was true to style. If you disable fatigue at all, then the game loses its style, your personality.

Note! I agree that today(v1.24) the player has very little endurance before full fatigue and a very small speed of sprint, but let's solve it using the slider-settings of the player, instead of button of complete exclusion from the game...

"but let's solve it using the slider-settings of the player".

I do want slider-settings of the player. But I also want each player to have the CHOICE of "complete exclusion" if THEY WANT complete exclusion.

If a person in [SINGLE-PLAYER MODE] chooses to disable a realism option and turn ARMA into an arcade game . . . who am I to say that he/she is playing their game wrong? I'm not GOD.

Each person has fun their own way. If it's fun for you to totally disable a realism option, why should I be a Nazi and say that you have no right to play your game the way you like to play it? Why should I say, "you are ONLY allowed to have fun the way I tell you to have fun!!!"

Now in multiplayer, the game host can choose how EVERYONE plays when they join his/her server. But for single player, I'm not going to break into someone's house and say they have no right to play ARMA3 like it's an arcade game. If that's what makes them happy - so be it! Live and let live. Smile and let smile.

Choices and freedom help sell more copies of a game. Limiting and constricting how people play - often destroys game sales.

For example: I have 2 friends who I would encourage to buy ARMA 3, but since the "weapon sway" and "fatigue" are so nasty . . . I refuse to tell my friends to buy ARMA 3 now.

I like ARMA 3, but I hate the weapon sway and fatigue so much, I will not put my friends through this stupid torture and frustration.

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