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Terrain deformation and destructible objects
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I think this would require a new or improved engine but this so important for a simulation.

This would allow to implement something like a dynamic cover system. Destroy (for example) buildings (partially) to create cover or use bomb craters as cover.

Would improve the tactical gameplay so much.

Maybe for ArmA IV?


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Terrain deformation isn't going to happen. Buildings are already destructible.

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Buildings are destructible, yes. But "destructible" does not mean replacing the building model with another. Dynamic destruction with physics...

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My take:

I voted down as I don't think this is relevant to ARMA 3. However, I could see some minor implementation of such features being feasible for ARMA 4 (assuming there will be one).

I don't think we'll see full blown destructible buildings any time soon though as it would change so much and everything would need to be adjusted to work with it.

You can blow separate parts off buildings to some extent... At least with the minigun.

I think, of course the Destruction in the game needs to be improved! If they had the likeness of destruction in Battlefield it would be fine, but unfortunately today it is unlikely, as i think this requires the deep remake of game engine(