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Error message when adjusting ammo on MLRS
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I got this Error message when adjusting ammo on MLRS.
This the picture for the message.
I got the second one when closing the editor.
And the third one when closing the editor with chernarus from A3MP, but could be with Altis or Stratis maybe, who knows, I got it only twice.
PS: It is totally possible to be mod related... {F24573} {F24574} {F24575}


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Hi, these entries in the error messages don't seem to be ours. Are you able to reproduce this issue with no mods enabled?

The first and the second are from A3MP probably! I figured it out only this morning! And apparently the last one is from Blastcore mod, if found the answer on a forum.
So, sorry sorry sorry, could be closed! Thank you!

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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