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AI move to idle state between waypoints
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The AI move into idle state when reach waypoint(without timeout) and not follow the next waypoint immediately. There is a idle animation state between two move animation. This make the AI behave like a AI not like a human.

How should it work?
The AI should follow the next waypoint immediately(without any idle animation) when there is no timeout for the waypoint. The next animation should be based on the following waypoint attributes.

The idle state is: amovpercmstpslowwfldnon

Example fast forward video:

Example mission added with animation state hint. {F24557}


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

-Place an AI
-Give him a move waypoint and set behavior=careless, speed=limited.
-Make more waypoints next to each other.
-Watch the AI movement

Additional Information

This issue is better visible when the AI is in careless mode and it's speed is limited, however it is noticeable for all kind of settings.

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I found that it only happens in Multiplayer (tested with dedicated server). The same waypoints work fine in single player.