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Players can't join game hosted by me
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Since gamespy shut down my friends can't join games hosted by me in any way.
I tried everything:
-disabled firewalls
-open ports
-join via IP
-join via steam
-search through game browser

Nothing seems to work.
They either just can't find my game or they can't connect. {F24529} {F24530} {F24531} {F24532}


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Bohemia added a subscriber: FR3DDY.Aug 7 2014, 9:12 AM

I'm not sure if its gamespy related, not techy geek (game geek, yes & proud) but it seems to have been the same time for myself & 3 friends (different countries too, so am sure its not server/router related)

Please please fix

This might have many reasons as you didn't provide any information on your server config and startup.

If you didn't already try, give your friends your IP address so they can connect to your server via direct connection.

You can find your IP by opening the windows command promt (WinKey -> type "cmd") and executing "ipconfig". Among all the appearing lines, the important one is the "IPv4-Adresse", one of the very first lines.

The port is by default 2302.

As Heffer23 said. He is creating a mission ingame for us to play through internet. But we can't see his server in the search list. Same thing if anyone else of us is creating one. We are on same build.

As I noticed myself, sometimes it may take a lot of time, even more than a minute, until the server actually shows up as there are millions of servers out there.

If you were that patient, nevermind. I have only once created a mission ingame (Zeus), so I don't really remember the procedure. But as I know from "precreated" missions, it might under certain circumstances happen that instead of the desired name, the computername shows up as server name. Heffer23 can see that on his local machine in the "LAN" tab, but I don't know if that applies for ingame created missions as well.

FR3DDY added a comment.Sep 4 2014, 7:34 PM

I have waited for several minutes for his server to come up.
Can't join through steam friends list either. Only say "server not responding".
Couldn't find him on remote IP either. All since removal of Gamespy button.

Cheers Fr3ddy, exactly as he said Johnny. Me, Fr3ddy & others cannot see each other no matter how we attempt to go in, via steam, via .exe via invite, via IP. We've waited for time for all servers to load but no matter. I'm not there or any of my friends when they create either

Alright, I'm stumped. :-/

If all of these "tests" didn't have any positive result, I don't know what else to do. Maybe then you need to wait for <b>Iceman</b> who this issue is assigned to. I'm sorry.

Tryed several workarounds but nothing is working. We have also rented a server and we can't find that one either.
We are placed in two different countries and all four of us have the same issue.

It's 2014 and you shouldn't be forced to use a third party program like Evolve to play a friggin game. Arma 3 is great but my patient is running out.

Totally agree Fr3ddy. I love this game but like a marriage you have to work on work on it BI


FR3DDY added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 6:20 PM

What connection logs do you need for your investigation? And where do I find them?

Iceman added a comment.Sep 9 2014, 7:54 PM

we are working on the problem, could you please upload your rpt files?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Added the rpt files. Only one I found in there. Tell me if you need anything else pls.

You are running couple of mods. Do all your friends run it as well? Also, is it possible for them to join if all of you use only official data?

We have tried with all of us having the same mods and without mods. Also tried in dev mode and RC. Thank you for the help!

It worked with those mods before. :/

Could it be that you have outdated network drivers? Have you changed your internet provider? Also, are you able to join any other public game?

Network driver uptodate. Same ISP and hardware as before. We can join public games. At least some are green on the server search page.

Still can't host games or join games hosted by some other player.
Servers work ok though.

This is incredibly fustrating.
I need to test stuff i have to upload on my game server, but i can't join or host any local game because Arma won't let me.
I opened the UDP port through Windows Firewall but still nothing happens.
This worked fine before gamespy shut down.

Same problem here. Not sure if it affects everybody in recent months, or just some users?

I've not played any multiplayer Arma for some months. A friend and I just tried to play a co-op but could never see, nor connect to each other, no matter who hosted or how the connection was initiated. Same as reported above. Public servers were visible, but no amount of waiting for filtering caused ours to show up for the other person. No changes to our PCs recently or ISPs.

So we switched to a completely different game and had no problems at all.

Neither of us have mods installed (well not activated that we are aware of, just the 5 base packages in the Expansions menu).

The only odd thing I noticed was that after a few minutes of trying to host/join a game, my connection became super slow. Publics servers would only appear one at a time and I also couldn't browse the web, but TeamSpeak was unaffected. Maybe my ISP didn't like my PC pinging thousands of servers and blocked/throttled some types of traffic such as port 80? Not sure but it was repeatable and rather weird. Possibly not related but thought I'd mention it.

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.May 7 2016, 7:10 PM

OK, One thing is sure: This problem appears also (only?) when people changed their Internet subscription or web support/box.
For example: in France, 100% issue when I and other bros improved our Internet connection for 100 Mo optic fiber and/or changed for HD DTTV compatible link (wired or fiber).

So, in this case, it's not specific to Arma or Steam in general.
This issue is common for people who changed their web subscription and web support/box for a "magic" high speed, HD TV compatible, web link.

This impacts other games, stops the ability to host a game (except in DMZ!), and even, in local, limits the number of LAN gaming PC's (more than 2, Internet crashes for Numericable France).

Providers don't have any solution... They sell!