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CfgConvert.exe has stopped working
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Impossible to use addonbuilder. CfgConvert crashes after hitting the "PACK" button . {F24516}


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I checked the game cache in steam.
When launched directly from the P drive, I get instead the error message: "Addonbuilder has stopped working".
I have no issues with mikero's tools.
RPT attached.

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Are you on the latest dev update with the tools? My addon builder compiles fine.
On a side note, with that latest update, the terrain builder doesn't seem to work anymore.

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Do you mean the dev branch of the tools? I have the latest version, but I didn't try the dev branch yet (I don't have my Arma computer for a few weeks, so I cannot try now)

Same problem bro, trying to make bin from cpp and nothing

If you have this issue just after an update/install/cache check, you just need to regenerate your BinMakeRules:
1 - Run BinMake from Arma3Tools directory
2 - "Play" Tools from Steam

Then, check your rules (\Arma 3 Tools\BinMake\binMakeRules.txt), this file must be correct to get the tools working as expected.

@TakeHomeTheCup: Could you fill another ticket with details? (including logs)

The Terrain Builder works again on the latest dev update.

Sorry, I just came back. It is solved with 1.0.126702 of Addon Builder.

Resolved according author.

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