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Cannot save Steam Workshop Scenario missions
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After coming back to Arma 3 after a few months of not playing, I now find that I cannot save my progress in any of the scenarios that I have DL'ed from Steam Workshop. I cannot resume any mission, nor does it register a completed mission as such. Now it is as if I never played the mission.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run Arma 3
  2. Go to Scenarios
  3. Play any user-created mission
  4. Save your game and exit the mission (or complete the mission and exit)
  5. Observe that the mission only allows PLAY, not resume. Also note that the mission (if completed) does not register as such.
Additional Information

I turned off all of my mods and ran the game through Steam Launcher. I have tried with and without, all with the same results.

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*Not fixed in latest update.

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This is indeed undermining the idea of comunity created content, when updated break all content :(
Hope this gets fixed ASAP.

This seems not to affect showcases...

@Boowman: Yes, it is the same for me. Official BI content seems to have no problems saving. However, user-made content is still a no-go.

could you please recheck on Steam Dev rev. 127272 and higher? We applied a fix recently, it should be fixed.

@Iceman- I am happy to report that the problem does in fact seem fixed. I have started multiple User-made scenarios, saved my game and exited, and the resume option is back where it used to be. I can't thank you guys enough. Now I can finally enjoy some of the longer SP missions.

Sorry - this is still an issue it appears. I played "Pilgrimage", one of the "Make Arma Not War" SP missions. After being killed, I clicked 'End', and exited A3. When I rebooted, the AutoSaves was unavailable. Resume was not there, just play. There was no update that would make saves incompatible.

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Ok, i got the same problem here.
It's been over a year(probably even more), and update after update still the same BASIC issue, the saved game from scenarios won't work.
From around the forums, people are saying it would be related to the scenario uploaded from steam...but every one comes with it s own crafted solution, when BIS could have already offered a real PRO solution.
I know that some of my friends have the same issue, but most of them wouldn't take the effort to come to this feedback website (which is a nightmare to use...i wish this "service" could be more user friendly and more consumer orientated).
For the respect of the people doing this scenarios (which are making ARMA very much alive), and just for a basic consumer like i am, please have a SERIOUS look at this problem.
Thanks in advance.

same here. It still doesn't work.
the steam workshop missions I subscribed to lose the savegames and also don't even show if you finished a mission.

to recreate missing savegame:

  1. subscribe to a user made steam workshop mission
  2. start playing the mission and save it somewhere inbetween
  3. exit ARMA 3
  4. start ARMA 3 and try to load the savegame

to recreate missing mark for finished mission:

  1. start workshop mission
  2. play it all the way through and finish the mission
  3. sometimes (not always) it doesn't show the green mark for when you ended a mission

as long as this issue excists I can't use steam workshop at all becuase it is really frustrating to always start a mission from the very beginning if close out of ARMA 3

2019 And got the same problem. I do get the resume button but after a quick load I'm back at the scenario, window.