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InGunnerMayFire = False blocks the turret horizontally and prevents raising or lowering the camera
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I'm working on a vehicle that has a turret, and on top of that turret a pintle mounted machinegun for the commander.
That machinegun should not be operable when the commander is turned in.
So, if i use the parameter InGunnerMayFire = False; , rest being unchanged, i cannot operate the gun from inside the vehicle (and that is correct), HOWEVER my periscope cannot be raised or lowered.
The internal commander camera basically can now move only horizontally and not vertically.


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Contact me privately if you want the source files.

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Still broken.

Happy 2015!

Just a friendly reminder this is still broken.

Still an issue.
Also it disables possibility to use countermeasures.

Well that is a new one, but honestly when i tested this i didn't notice.
Almost a year has passed already, i wonder when it's going to get fixed.

Chairborne, talk with RHS guys, they resolved issue by themselves on T-72 AA machinegun.

That is just a workaround, we need this to be fixed by BI.
I get that programming a game like arma is hard and they don't always have time to check every single config entry there is in the game but this ticket has been open since the 3rd of August... 2014!
One year and two days.
I mean come on...
And i refuse to believe i'm the only modder who is affected by this issue.

No, youre not the only one - i'm using your LAV-25 and i'm impressed, i know you need this fixed for its m240 (as there is even more projects). This would be easy implemented but.... problem is, the most important things are reported and assigned since even 2 years (!). I dont think that so creative developers like BIS would fixing it so long, if they would be focused on this ONE PRODUCT. I think they started developing Arma 4.

This has been sitting here for more than a year now, and im pretty sure the problem was still there back in Arma 2 even.

Whenever you feel like it, chaps.

Only way to "fix" this is create your own script or contact with RHS - lets be honest - Bohemia will never fix this.