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Fences producing heat - Highlighted in thermals
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When in the thermal camera for the Blackfoot, Fences and walls are showing as bright white or black, signifying they have a heat value.
Edit: This was at night, unsure about day. {F24491}


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Get in the gun of the Blackfoot and look at fences and walls in the thermal views.
Edit: At night.

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I've also noticed the tall radio towers glowing brightly too

Renz added a comment.Aug 3 2014, 10:41 AM

Maybe they emit heat from being under the sun too long

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Maybe, but this was in the dead of night.

Also seems to affect objects at long ranges more than at close ranges I think.

Most metals heat up and cool down faster than other materials, making them hotter during the day under the bright sun, but colder than the environment at night. So they should actually be darker.

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