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Player position driver and gunner misaligned in Gorgon IFV
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The character position of the driver and gunner in the Gorgon IFV is misaligned.
The gunner is sitting in the floor of the vehicle and clips through the backrest, and the driver clips trough the backrest and floats in the air in the sitting position when turned out. {F24488} {F24489} {F24490}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into the editor.
  2. place down a Gordon IFV with crew.
  3. place down a playable unit.
  4. preview and get into the Gorgon as passenger.
  5. look at the driver and gunner positions.

To see the driver the best seat will be the front right one(of the passengers seats). To get into the seat may require some effort and some additional units.

Additional Information

Tested with vanilla ArmA in the editor, as well as dedicated server(with other players).
Screenshot are with blufor soldiers, but it's the same with the indp soldiers.

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@Wulf hi :)

May be will close this ticket as duplicate of T72249?