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AFV-4 Gorgon gunner or commander glitched.
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I have noticed that either the gunner or the commander of the AFV-4 Gorgon is glitched into the ground of the vehicle. In other words: The seating position does not apear to be right. Here is a screenshot :)

Offtopic: For some reason my name appears to be in the ArmA 3 credits, but I dont know why. It would be nice if a Dev could give me an insight =)

Greetings, SgtHannes


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Set down a manned AFV-4 Gorgon in the Editor (Independent) and get into the cargo bay of the APC. Tkae a look around until you see the gunner

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The interiors are coming!

About your name in the credits, did you buy the supporter edition?

Actually I didnt buy the supporter edition. It is under the "Special Thanks" section of the credits. The thing is, I looked around the whole internet to find another SgtHannes, but I think im the only one :D

@Wulf hi :)

May be will close this ticket cause it's fixed?

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