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BIS_fnc_setHeight make engine crash on high altitude
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If altitude is set too hight, ArmA will crash.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a unit in the map (editor)
  2. Name it (i will use myself, "player")
  3. Start preview
  4. Write in console: [player,200000000000] call BIS_fnc_setHeight;
  5. Run it

The game will crash in a couple of seconds, an error about paging (memory) will pop up.

Error displayed:
Rpt PasteBin related:
RPT-BIDmp Full Files(rar archive):

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I could not reproduce the problem. Could you please send a DX-Diag file?

32 or 64 bit version?

It should save one according to your system.

Well i forgot 2 "0", the command is:

[player,200000000000] call BIS_fnc_setHeight;

Updated with RPT and corrected command

Still no crashes for me. I suggest to use little lower altitudes. :)

Can you please upload crashdumps?
(rpt, bidmp, mdmp with the same name)

We expect function will limit itself to a maximum altitude if there is a risk to make program crash, this is of course a test, a "bug hunting", and will never be used in a real script (I hope), however is better to fix it.
I provided all infos required and in my hands, now it's your work to fix it (and decide how) ;)

Added a .RAR with requested file (mdmp not found in AppData):

Crash confirmed on Win7 64bits.
It is not directly linked to BIS_fnc_setHeight but to the setPos* commands.

On my computer crashed appears for player's altitude equals to 1000000000000 or 10000000000000.
Just before the CTD, arma3.exe uses all the available memory (4GB).

I have assigned the issue internally to programmer, thank you for the feedback!

Looks like a memory overflow, maybe a temporary fix could be to limit altitude in setPos command (that madbull spotted as a source of the bug)

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Does the issue still persist?