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Reload animations still missing
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Oh i remember how excited i was when back in the day, in an interview at E3, one of the BIS devs said that every weapon would have a proper reload animation...
Almost one year later, the UGL's still don't have reload animations. The hands make the correct motions but the weapon itself doesn't animate. One of the worst examples is the MX SW, which incredibly has the reload animation from ArmA 2! I'm sure there's more examples of weapons with unfinished reload animations.


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the MX-SW doesn't have the reload animation from Arma 2. How did you see that?

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You are correct, there must be a mod that i'm running that is probably affecting the reload of the MX-SW. However the reload animation is still busted for the UGL's.

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yup, would be happy to see the ammunitions getting loaded in the launchers (including grenade launchers)

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Duplicate of #290.