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Crash Arma 3 / Steam Ticket Check Failed (null)
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When I'm in game, the game crash and I have "Steam Ticket Check Failed (null)

To fix the problem, before the update, I had to delete the folder 'dll" but now, the game continue to crash and I can't play it anymore.

link to rpt / dmp:

Could you do please, do something, it's really annoying.

Thank you very much.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Connection to server, selection of a squad, game crash during the loading (half of the loading) or during the game.

Additional Information

No other mods, just Altis Life, Game is checked, everything is ok on my computer ...

The other issue I posted.

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Now, I don't crash anymore during the loading screen, but only during the game, it happens randomly, sometimes, I can play 15 mins sometimes 3hours straight without any crash.

The only thing that I deleted is the dll folder, if the folder is not deleted, I always crash during the loading screen and I can't play.

Here is another link for RPT / DMP files


could you please upload your DX-Diag file? It would help us a lot.
You can find how to get your file here:

Thank you.

Hey, it looks like a proble with memory allocators.
Could you please try to run Arma with these parameters and attach another crashdumps?
-enableSteamLogs -debug_steamapi
Thank you very much.

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