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Launcher crash when "play" button is pressed
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Whenever I press the "Play" button on the new launcher, I get a crash (a simple "Arma 3 Launcher has Stopped Working".
{F24306} {F24307} {F24308}


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I will be happy to upload crash logs, etc but I am not quite sure how to be honest.

EDIT: The uploaded file is the only log for the launcher I could find, if there is another more useful one, leave a note.

I am also not able to connect to the workshop; It always says "steam is in offline mode" and gets stuck on "initializing steam service"

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I get this too. I have deleted the files and verified Steam cache, but still no joy. It seems like a memory leak or something similar.

It's not a User Account Control problem either as far as I know.
This needs to be fixed...

DaveT added a subscriber: DaveT.May 7 2016, 6:58 PM
DaveT added a comment.Jul 15 2014, 1:37 AM

Have this same issue. Tried launching from Steam\Arma 3\Open Launcher, also tried using the Launcher direct link in the Amra 3 directory. Tried launching in Administrator mode. Logged into Steam and it is online but the launcher says that Steam is running in offline mode and can't connect to the steam library for MODS and when starting with no mods enabled it crashes as the original poster describes.

Arma 3 Launcher log attached.

Same issue as DaveT. It looks like the problem has been isolated to a Steam connection error where the launcher tries to find the workshop files, and crashes on start up.

Hello guys,
thank you for uploading your files. We need crashdumps to analyse the problem further. For launcher, these are created in Arma 3 root folder. Would it be possible to erase the old ones and try to crash the launcher again? Please pack the arma3launcher.rpt and bidmp into one archive then and upload it here.

Thank you!

Hi, I'm also having this issue. But I'm not getting any of the crashdumps you mention in the Arma 3 root folder. I do have a SteamServiceHost.rpt in the launcher folder if that's useful.

Sure thing.
Please upload your files in archives with your nicknames for better overview (mine would be Iceman.rar). Thank you!

Hi Iceman, I cannot replicate the problem I used to have. I have searched the Appdata>Local directory for any crash dump files but I cannot find any.

Now the problem I am experiencing is, I can open the ArmA 3 launcher, it loads the cursor and the window outline, but the window itself isn't visible. Yet, if I start the program as adminstrator, with Steam offline, it stops working.

I am still having the crashes, but can't find any arma3launcher.rpt files. Looked both in AppData>Local>Arma 3 and in the root folder.


I have this problem too. When I start the launcher, it shows that the "Steam is in offline mode " When click on the addons, it can not find them. (Downloaded from the workshop). "When I press" play ", the launcher crashes. I can not find the file that you wrote, I upload folder "launcher". There no one file only, "SteamLayer".

DaveT added a comment.Jul 17 2014, 3:00 AM

For what it's worth, I have added a copy of the three Windows Events that occur when I try to run the Launcher and it crashes. Other than the original file I uploaded no other files are generated in the Arma 3 folders. These .rar file I attached is from Windows Event Viewer.

It is some sort of networking problem where the launcher isn't talking to Steam properly. It'd be nice to see the devs work on some sort of hotfix since it seems to be affecting a lot of players...

yeah, I was rather excited to try out the launcher, but it is 100% non-functional for me. Right now it's about as useful as opening the <your profile>.vars.arma3profile with notepad. If you don't know what I mean, go try it and see.

Could you please try to disable User Account Control (UAC)? We had problems with that when running the launcher internally. Thank you for the logs, please keep them adding.

How does one do this?

Iceman, this fixes the issue for me (though obviously running without UAC wouldn't be a solution). The launcher shows "The game is up-to-date" and hitting play launches the game.

I'm not seeing any addons showing in the addons tab - would this be because I have them in a non default location (E:\MYNAME\My Documents\Arma 3)?

You can find how to disable it here:

It is only temporary solution to confirm that it is a problem we already know about.

I am away from my computer currently but I will test it out. Just based on what UAC does, could running the launcher as administrator also fix the issue? Whenever I run a program as administrator it asks if I am okay with the program making changes to my computer, and I assume this is the 'clearance' the launcher doesn't have? Or is it something else to do with UAC?

I have had UAC off the entire time and it still does not work for me.

@DaveT, can you please doublecheck that no crashdumps are created in the Arma 3 <b>root</b> folder? We would definitely use them. Thank you in advance!

on dev build and uac off - still show steam is offline.
arma3launcher-rpt-devbuild_uacoff_217_1230.rar is mine

DaveT added a comment.Jul 21 2014, 5:32 PM

I don't show a crashdump in any ARMA 3 folder. I am attaching the .rpt file from the Arma 3 Launcher (Users\DaveT\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\Logs\ folder. This is the only thing that shows as output (other than the Windows logs after the launcher crashes.

This is really annoying. UAC is off, anti virus is off, tried reinstalling the game, still no joy. The launcher just doesn't work.

could you please install these packages? They were supposed to be installed automatically by Steam but for some reason that did not happen:

Could you please let me know afterwards?

win8 - x64 - stabel build&dev - uacoff

no changes after installing all these packages /netfram64

ok uploaded new rpt

can you please upload new log, rpt after the packages installation? I have deleted the old ones we have already examined.
Thank you

ok uploaded new stable and dev rpt

i really need the addon implementation to upload my addon to workshop asap

Triada added a subscriber: Triada.May 7 2016, 6:58 PM

win8.1 x64 uacoff run launcher as admin - same problem, crash on click "play" and steam is offline

I had the same problem, and i looked around and found that this fixes the problem:

info: I installed all 3 files and I have windows 7 64 bit

Solution found

ok- i install the x86 driver again- and it works!


DaveT added a comment.Jul 23 2014, 4:00 AM

No changes for me either after loading the 3 files.

Note: I am running 64-bit OS (Win 8.1) and it will not let me install the x86 version.

@DaveT, sorry! Could you please try to install x64 equivalent?

first i installed the x64 and arm and the x86 aswell, then somehow it works- i hope they will fix steam to do this , instead of manual

thx iceman

Anyone else having this issue?

DaveT added a comment.Jul 23 2014, 2:52 PM

I did load the x64 versions and it made no difference. The X86 versions don't load.

(Win8.1 x64) I install x86 Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
and yes! it works!

It works for me too. Thank you! (Win 7 x64)

DaveT added a comment.Jul 24 2014, 3:47 AM

Ok, I uninstalled the previous installations of the Visual C++ Redistributable and re-installed the (x64) and (x86) versions again and it worked!

Good-to-go now

Thanks Iceman!

Glad that it works for everyone now. We are intensively solving the problem so all necessary packages are installed through Steam.
Thank you all for you help, it was very useful!
Resolving the ticket.

Wait!! My problem is still not resolved! I reinstalled the C++ packages, but when I start the ArmA 3 launcher, the window outline appears, the icon on the taskbar appears, but there is no actual active window available! Do I need to make a new ticket about this??

sorry to say, but i need to uninstall the c++ packages, cant use the application publisher.exe as well- because my pc had some issues after installing these packages.
i had to do a systemrestore cause after install the c++ packages,suddenly my screen just show my windows8-color blank, that nver happen before. so in a nutshell- could you pls make the launcher and BIS applications in the Tools folder work without these packages? now iam stuck into situation, that i cant update my addons @workshop- sad

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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