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"Common Demoninator" impossible to be completed.
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After the jogging section where you are reshown the targets you have previously shot down, you are tasked to shoot them once more. However, none of them fall down. They fail to fall at any range, from the shooting area to point blank.

To test that it was simply not dodgy aiming, after the jog I moved to one of the furthest targets and shot one of the npcs. Every time was a direct hit, prompting the mission failire screen.

Conclusion: Mission cannot be passed (for me) as targets do not react at being shot at accurately.


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Every reload and restart of this section gave me the same outcome.

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Really quite annoyed with this, I cannot simply move on to the next mission as you must pass this section before proceeding, making the new campaign unaccessable beyond this point due to a glitch.

Steam files have been verified several times, short of a full reinstall I have done all the troubleshooting I can think of.

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I have this same issue and have taken the same steps to try to fix this as well.

are you using any mods? CBA is causing the launcher not to pop down.

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As regards my targets issue, yes deactivation of what few mods I had, a map pack, the ShackTac radar, and CBA fixed the issue.

I am however going to test this several times as there are a couple of ways of activating mods now, to see if CBA is the culprit or the method that its activated.

I have a few friends that use this minor mod build and will relay the information seen here.

Thankyou for your time.

I can confirm the useage of any mods, not just those requiring CBA, will cause this issue to happen.

We tried some of them and the issue was not present. Can you please type here list of your mods so we can see which might be causing it?
Thank you!

I use only a couple of mods at this time:

ShackTac Hud and Group Indicators (requries CBA)
A3MP map pack (no CBA requirement)

These are installed correctly but manually, not via PlayWithSIX or the Steam Workshop.

I apologise for a lack of avenues of investigation as regards mods, I've been a more casual player since A2 and as such haven't had to install a massive mod build for use with a clan or other such gaming group etc.

Any further information you may feel that is required please do not hesitate to contact me. Once again, thanks for your time.

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Remove all your mods.

Thank you!
@AD2001, usually you are right but in this special case we need to know which mod is causing the problem because there is a bigger (hidden) issue behind it. However, your input is always highly welcomed.

Didn't you already conclude that CBA was causing the issue?

We did, however we are still investigating and it seems that CBA (used alone) does not cause it.

Just replayed the mission with CBA (version 1.07, the latest one) and you're right - the targets do fall down. Sorry for bothering.

No problem, really.
could you please try to create new profile and active the same mods you had when the mission was broken? Could you please tell after then if it is broken again or not?

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Creating a new test profile, and then using the ingame expansions menu to activate the mods, still creates this targets issue at the same section (after the jog).

The targets are fine up 'til that point across several profiles, using a mixture of mod activation and deactivation.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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