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Ability to Disable the Zeus Moderator Slot
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I don't want to. But I absolutely have to (at least) kick everyone who automatically jumps into the moderator slot. Nine times out of ten, I've have nothing but trouble with moderators.

Either taking things into their own hands when instruction is given to them, flat out disregarding anything I have to say or just simply diminishing any immersion for the players that I've worked to install.

Even when a player has been good and has worked well with their team and then asks to be a moderator, I always say "no" out of paranoia.

Please allow us to disable the moderator slot.

It's bad enough that people can/have simply jumped into a player slot and run scripts to rain down rockets out of the sky, spawn satchel charges everywhere or endless amounts of phallic shaped monuments constructed out of red, white and blue ATVs.

This would just gives at least some relief.


At the moment, you can limit the moderator's abilities to the following restrictions;

-Cannot create objects (Only editing is allowed)

-Can create all objects

-Can create only modules


So the first one (Only editing allowed) disables the moderator's ability to place objects. But he can still move and kill units as well as move and detonate objects like IEDs and vehicles. Not to mention destroy buildings that layers may be inhabiting.

The second one (Can create all objects) is pretty self explanatory for when you have a trouble making moderator.

The third one (Can create only modules) allows the moderator to be able to place music when inappropriate, spawning thunder which kills/destroys everything with one hit, spawning CAS missile/gun runs and everything else that falls under the module tab.

I'mnot asking to flat out disable the moderator slot as I'm sure many people have very helpful moderators. But as someone who doesn't feel like they need help, I don't want there to be any holdups between myself and the players.

I love being Zeus. I love creating scenarios and giving something to players to remember they had fun doing.

This needs to be a feature.


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Steps To Reproduce

1- Start a server.

2- 9/10 times, the first/second person who jumps on will wait until there are players and I've started a scenario to start deleting scenario objects/units and kill players for no reason.

(It's basically a short term waiting game)

Additional Information

The frustration this has caused me made me forget to take screenshots of these events.


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why dont do something like a whitelist.

Because I feel that installing this feature in-game would make it a lot easier for everyone with this similar problem. Instead of having to resort to white listing. I will look into it due to not being too familiar with it. But from what I've already gathered, an in-game solution would be more readily available.

I cannot disable the slot, but I can add another set of rights: "None"
It will effectively turn the moderator into a spectator.

Your new rights set solved the issue wonderfully! Thanks, Moricky!