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Independents are unable to use laser designator as it lases with civilian-owned laser target
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Independents are unable to user laser designator because it lases with civilian-owner LaserTargetC laser target. {F24261}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached lasertarget_repro.Stratis mission with 1 player.
  2. Select Laser Designator and start lasing something
  3. Observe that your side is GUER while laser target's side is CIV
  4. Since civilians cannot be made enemies (it will not let you access any empty vehicles and create various problems with AI), this indicates that Laser Designator is useless for Independent side.
  5. Additionally switch to BLUFOR and OPFOR (through action menu) and lase again to observe that designator it lases with laser target owned by enemy side
Additional Information

Looking at leaked game sources I can see that this behavior is entirely hardcoded and simply spawning BLUFOR or OPFOR laser target when you lase as INDEP side is not a proper solution.

Proper solution:

  • Introduce new special sides into the game: TWestEnemy, TEastEnemy, TGuerrilaEnemy, TCivilianEnemy which will be enemy only to West, East, Guerilla and Civilian sides accordingly (as well as to TEnemy of course)
  • Create laser target objects for each of these new virtual sides
  • Create laser targets with enemy side depending on side of unit that does the lasing

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