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AI Landing too hard with a parachute causing death...
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I have been trying to figure out why some of the AI in my mission are dying on landing with a parachute.
After some experimenting I have figured out that it is all the ones with distant waypoints.
This means any AI with waypoints die on impact due to trying to rush to their destination and hitting the ground too fast and hard.
AI without waypoints do not die because they are in no rush to get anywhere and are descending much slower.

If the parachute reaches the waypoint before landing it will slow down and land gently without dying.
So basically if the waypoint is far away they hit the ground at full speed (instead of slowing down before landing, and continue to the waypoint on foot.)

Nearly half of the enemies in my mission are dying on impact due to this bug. {F24256}


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Spawn AI up in the air with a parachute and add a waypoint that is impossible to reach before landing, watch as he dies on impact due to not knowing to slow down within a certain distance from the ground.

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Are you using CBA? It used to cause this bug.

Aah thanks AD2001 Yes I was using CBA...
Tested without and they didn't explode :-)
BUT some AI still hit the ground too hard and die on impact. even with the wind set to zero :-s

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I tried reproducing this but couldn't.

I opened the editor on Altis, created a paratrooper as the player, elevation of 600, and also made the wind and gust speed North heading full. Starting the preview I dive forward to gain speed, open the parachute at 200m, reaching speeds of 84km/h when chute is opened fully and still travelling forward. Upon hitting the ground is instant death, but no explosion.

This was done over Almyra.

Yeah just tested it with giving AI a way point and they just slam into the ground at full speed; killing themselves.

I have re-worded the issue removing the explosion part (caused by @CBA mod)
They are simply dying on impact.
Thanks to AD2001 for the info :-)

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