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Minimal amount of magazines
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When editing in Virtual Arsenal, I've noticed a small bug.
The bug is that minimal amount of handgun magazines is 4(except loaded handgun), even though normal NATO soldiers(in game) are carrying two magazines for handgun.
It could be fixed by decreasing or removing minimal amount of handgun and/or primary magazines character should carry.


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Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce

1.Add a cargo space and add 2 (either 1 or 3 will be accepted) handgun magazines with handgun.
2.Save your current loadout.
3.Load your saved loadout.
4.Check all your loadout.

Additional Information

Extra magazines can appear in other 'containers' such as vest or backpack, always replacing other items placed there.

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It looks like this is due to the VA adding magazines when you add a weapon so that the weapon is loaded on start. I've also noticed that it removes any tracer magazines that you added as well.

Should be fixed in the next dev build update.

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Also if you put more than 4 magazines in your loadout, save it and than load it, you will have 4 magazines in your loadout.

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