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Game crash on helicopter landing in exit strategy, followed by game crashing whenever trying to open the scenerios tab after
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When playing exit strategy, when the helicopter lands, the game crashes. After this crash, attempts to open the scenerios tab cause the game to crash on any profile, whether it's the one used during exit strategy crash, or any other profile.!Mhsw3RAB!dPvISms7ttdAzwp2mReb0gnOKUkPICbaFJ4H8_GmB2Y


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Game Crash
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helicopter lands in exit strategy
open game, click scenario tab

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Correction, the reproduce steps are the following:

miss with a PCML when attempting to take out the helicopter from the house on the hill with the windmills.
try to reload from autosave
try to open scenarios

thank you for reporting the ticket. Your crashdumps were sent for analysis. However, I am unable to reproduce the crash. It might be connected to recent AssignAsCargo command problem on Steam Dev. Could you please try to delete your profile and try to reproduce it again?
Thank you very much.

Replacing with a new profile didn't fix the issue. Kju seems to think that it's tied to the following ticket:

Confirmed, it's tied to what Kju thought it was. I wiped all PBOs from my missions folder and it is gone.

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