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Higher Action Priorities for "Open Door"
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You can fluidly open a door with the default action key with ease. However when you are injured, the "Treat yourself" action replaces the "Open door" as the default action, when attempting to open a door.

This is frustrating in some first contact situations, when opening a door to take cover is more important than treating yourself. This is because you may find yourself having to lengthily scroll down to the open door action, or even worse, rooting yourself to the ground with the healing animation as the default action no longer opens the door your facing.

Please fix this inconsistency by by giving the open door action higher priorities than the "treat yourself" action. Thanks!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place down a rifleman outside a building in editor. Set it as the player. Now Preview.
  1. Open a door with default action (A door icon should appear) Door now opens
  1. Close the door
  1. Input and execute: " player setDamage 0.5" ...while paused in debug menu
  1. "Treat Yourself" action is now the default action, even when attempting to open the door via default action key.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. The described behaviour is according to design. The "Treat yourself" option appears once you are injured. However, if you ignore it and choose to open door via your action menu, the action "Open/Close Door" becomes default again for all future action menu interactions.
I hope that it is clear from my description.
Have a nice day.

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Thanks for a quick reply :)

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