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Annoying screen errors "Picture a3\data... not found" on main screen in Field Manual (Russian version)
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  1. "Picture a3\data\gui\cfg\hints\icon_text\b_inf_ca.paa not found"
  2. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\cursors\unitbleeding_ca.paa not found"
  3. "Picture a3\data\map\mapcontrol\waypoint_ca.paa not found"
  4. "Picture a3\data\gui\cfg\hints\icon_text\b_unknown_ca.paa not found"
  5. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\cursors\select_ca.paa not found"
  6. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\peripheralvision\cuetuxture_gs.paa not found"
  7. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\gear_ca.paa not found"
  8. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\take_ca.paa not found"
  9. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\getindriver_ca.paa not found"
  10. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\reammo_ca.paa not found"
  11. "Picture a3\data\map\mapcontrol\taskicon_ca.paa not found"
  12. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\cursors\lock_target_ca.paa not found"
  13. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\reload_ca.paa not found"
  14. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\ico_off_ca.paa not found"
  15. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\autohover_ca.paa not found"
  16. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\actions\getout_ca.paa not found"
  17. "Picture a3\data\igui\cfg\tacticaldisplay\targettexture_gs.paa not found" {F24176} {F24177} {F24178} {F24179} {F24180} {F24181} {F24182} {F24183} {F24184} {F24185} {F24186} {F24187} {F24188} {F24189} {F24190} {F24191} {F24192} {F24193} {F24194}


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thank you for reporting the problem. Would it be possible to also upload your newest rpt file?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you very much.

rpt file uploaded.

Iceman added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 2:11 PM

Thank you for the files and also screenshots. The issue has been assigned to a responsible department.
Have a nice day!

EXE rev. 125816
All bugs have been fixed, except Error №17. New Screenshot uploaded
It seems there is no icon for allies.

Fully fixed. Thank you =)

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