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Dedicated server RAM just keeps rising up and up until crash...
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When playing on my dedicated servers the RAM just keeps accumulating.
Even when the mission restarts it keeps the RAM from the last session and starts climbing up again. This happens until the server runs out of RAM and crashes.

Surely the RAM should be dumped after every session, then starting a fresh mission?

Hope you can help cheers.

Recently noticed that this is occurring in single player, multiplayer and also in the editor.
The only way to dump the RAM is by restarting ARMA 3 or via a crash.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a mission. (RAM starts to rise as normal)
  2. Complete mission. (RAM stops rising but doesn't drop)
  3. Mission restarts back to lobby. (RAM still as it was at the end of the previous mission)
  4. Restart mission (RAM starts rising again piling on top of the RAM from the last mission instead of starting from scratch)

Even using the '#restart' command doesn't clear the RAM from the previous mission.
Play a few missions while observing the RAM until RAM runs out and server crashes.

The only way to clear the RAM is to shut the server down and restart it.

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
We need crash dump files from this folder for solve your problem.
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 5000k, you can attach it here. When package is bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here.

How to find correct crashdump file:
Try to make the crash happen
Look into crashdump folder
Upload crashdump with latest date in name (crashdump is rpt + bidmp + mdmp file with same name). Please try to provide as many crashdumps as possible, it helps us investigating the problem in a big way.

Thank you.

I will do a few mission restarts and force the server to crash then try and get the crash dump files as soon as I can, although my knowledge on this sort of stuff is limited :-s

Basically what is happening when the mission ends the RAM stays the same (as if still playing) then the next session loads adding more RAM on top of the already built up RAM from the last session, instead of starting a fresh in the lobby.
The only way to clear the RAM and start a fresh mission is to restart the server which defeats the object of a persistent server.

You can test this process by repeatedly using the server command #restart

No crash dump files needed for this as it is so blatant, you can test it yourself and see the problem by monitoring the RAM...

It even occurs on non persistent servers where the mission resets to the lobby when the last player disconnects. The new mission holds the RAM from the previous instead of dumping it.
So whether the server is persistent or not it will still run out of RAM in the end.

please try the performance binary

the download is hidden under spoiler button ...

all you need is replace the server binary with the one 1.24PERF4

WOW this looks interesting I'll check it out CHEERS :-)

Still doing the same even with the performance binary...

Imagine the server RAM has risen to 1,234,567 KB (example) and the mission ENDS back to the lobby to choose your slot for the next game.
The next mission will start @1,234,567 KB and start rising again.

Sorry I get the feeling I'm repeating myself here :-s
Hope I'm making sense, I just can't explain it any other way :-)

Recently noticed exactly the same problem going in and out of the mission editor...
Preview a mission in the editor, then go back to main menu and observe the RAM sticks at the highest point that it reached in the editor preview.
Go back into the editor and it starts to rise again, repeat until crash.

It seems ANYTHING that you do in ARMA 3 (SP/MP/editor) accumulates the RAM until it either crashes or you shut the game down.
This is a VERY BIG problem.

My servers seem to be running nice and stable now...
Missions restart and the RAM manages itself nicely without having to restart servers.

I'll keep monitoring just in case but everything seems good for now :-)

Unfortunately this problem has returned with update 1.54

rogerx added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 1:57 AM

The is a classic "memory leak" bug.

Amazing though that this type of bug bypassed in-house memory debuggers!


Yeah it's like ARMA 3 is constipated and can't release it's waste.
My dedicated servers have become useless due to this bug (again)

We also experience this issue! Our Server crashed 2x in 1 hour (appcrash). I tried disabling the rpt-logs since those were full of spam with some object information, but this didn't help.

Please find a fix soon.

Regards from germany,

Seems to be working again...

My persistent servers have been running over 5 hours and they are managing the RAM nicely.
As the mission cleanup script deletes unwanted things from the map the RAM responds by dropping in value.

All nice and stable again :-)

But there has not been any hot fix since this opening of this bug correct?

There have been many changes since the opening of this bug as the ticket is one and a half years old.

The problem got fixed in January but returned with the 1.54 update.
My servers started dumping RAM normally again last night and appeared to be working fine.

But unfortunately I woke this morning to find it had crashed lol :-s

I was going to say, problems just do not mysteriously solve themselves overnight on computers!

It maybe the servers are having memory runs, and may have been preventing my client from connecting during 1.54RC. This sounds plausible as I was getting no minidumps on my client.

lol yeah maybe I was just wishful thinking :-)
This is still a big problem with the RAM just rising with no dump at all.

I have designed my missions so that they never exceed 1.5GB of RAM and normally run persistently as long as the server is up (sometimes weeks)
But at the moment they just eat RAM until they burst within a couple of hours.