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Arma3's UPnP seems not to work
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This cause a probrem that can't see or show MP host at Multiplayer server list.
So to play MP game with friends, I have to maually foward port 2302.


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0019271: Cant host games in steam. - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker
0019302: Can't find my MP game form server list - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker
0019302: Can't find my MP game form server list - Arma 3 Feedback Tracker

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doesn't seem to work even with port forwarding

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always the even problem, port forwarding, firewall disable, impossible to find my server

I have the same problem. I my friends can't find the game I'm hosting. Doesn't work with port forwarding and UPnP. I have to use hamachi

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For me works, maybe your router or firewall.

Two days ago I just tested this, the first time failed, then I checked my router and UPNP was disabled. After enabling it, and rehosting the game, it worked and a random Russian joined in.

Just saying if you have a IPv6 from your provider port forwarding is simply not possible (neither UPnP or manual). Contact your provider and ask for a IPv4 they normally do it for free.

I think it might be related to whether BattlEye is enabled or not. After opening BE port, my friends can join the game on a Steam invite (they couldn't before)