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Radio Silence: Alpha Team won't move; mission won't progress
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After destroying the towers, the truck Alpha team is in will drive a few meters and then stop, not moving to the air station and breaking the mission. Your squad leader won't give the get in command, and Bravo team won't attack the station.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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After not being able to play Wet Works ( I reverted and tried this mission. (I played Blackfoot Down and then this mission, a patrol in between the two) I recommend trying to reproduce in that order. After you destroy the watch towers (or not, doesn't matter) observe Bravo team and watch them never move to the objective.

Additional Information

I started the campaign fresh, reverting to drawdown 2035 and playing on veteran. The issues I found are from playing through the campaign, not using the campaign cheat or hitting "replay"

Edit: I also tried launching the mission via the strategic map, but encountered the same issue.

Edit: Clarified the description after realizing that it was Alpha team in the truck and not Bravo, and remembering that you are supposed to board the truck, although the order is never given.

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have you tried it on the Stable game version?

Can confirm this:

When the Hunter drops you off, I seem to remember it was supposed to wait until the towers obj. is complete then it meets you at the bottom of the hill, and you drive closer to Mike-26.
the player then joins Bravo to assault Mike-26.

After drop off hunter moves off after player moves away from it (est. 10m)
The Towers obj. complete fine but at the point at which the player is to re-board the Hunter, your squad leader simply goes into safe and walks to Mike-26.
Once the base is cleared the squad leader just stops.

I have mo mods.
I have tried this fresh 3 times to eliminate discrepancies.
Campaign progression, if relevant runs as follows:

Sit Normal
Blackfoot Down
Wet Work
Death Valley
Radio Silence

@Electricleash this is exactly what I am experiencing.

@Iceman I haven't tried it yet. Will I lose my campaign progress if I revert? I'm not too keen on replaying the preceding missions on veteran again.

I just tested the mission on stable, and everything played through as it should.
I notice that the Hunter should have 4 WPs after it's start WP:

  1. -First Drop WP

(Player Moves to OP)

  1. -10m from Hunter, vehicle moves to a Hold WP.

(Player Destroys Towers and moves to Road.)

  1. -Hunter moves to Pickup WP
  2. -Second Drop WP close to Mike 26.

So something broke following the new HUB updates last week.

there is a waypoint and assignAsCargo command problem on development branch and should be fixed very soon. Stable build is not affected.

This seems to now work in todays Dev update.

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