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Blackfoot HUD for pilote is broken
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I noticed the pilote's HUD on the Blackfoot is not set right.
It's too much on the right - not in the middle of the Blackfoot screen.
Hence when I use manual fire, it doesn't hit/shoot where I aim but too much on the left.

Please, can this be fixed for the next update?

Thanks. {F24137}


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Place an Ah-99 Blackfoot in the editor.
Set the player as pilote.
Set manual fire on.
Aim and shoot: the HUD is too much on the right compared to where it does hit.

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When you're using manual fire as a pilot, you can only shoot where your gunner is aiming. You can't aim yourself as a pilot.

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Doesn't solve the problem of the HUD not being at the center of the screen.
When you go to editor and create te blackfoot with nothing else, the gunner aims right in front of him.

When you go to manual fire and shoot, the rockets and cannon fire right at the middle of the screen whereas the HUD is too much on the right.

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AD2001, The issue of weapon employment is secondary to the fact that the HUD is not centered on the screen.